Farms become Digital: A Solution for Efficiency Gains of World’s Food Production

There is a tremendous potential for using Digital solutions today and many farmers and specialized service providers are just about to start exploring them. Some of those services are adapted from other industries and some are rather new concepts. In both cases, I believe that they will not only bring food production efficiencies, but can also be food for thought for new service ideas.

5 Things You Should Do If You Want to Work in Digital/ IT Without Experience

Many people know the chicken and egg problem when it comes to getting a job in an area where they have little or no experience, but every job position in that area asks for at least several years. Here are a few tips to follow if you are a business school graduate and would like get into a position that requires more Digital/ Technology/ IT related knowledge than you can offer.

How to Pass the TOGAF Exams – Level 1 and Level 2

There are many reasons why becoming certified in TOGAF makes sense. The two most important ones are probably 1) to get or improve the skills that are needed in an (enterprise) architecture role and 2) to benefit from the positive signaling effect that a certification has on potential employers or customers. In this post, I will provide an overview of the certification exams, a concrete study plan, an overview of all material you need, and what it takes to clear the levels. 

How to Adapt an Enterprise Architecture Framework to Today’s Digital Environment?

As most of today’s architecture frameworks are quite old (from the 80s and 90s), many companies ask for adaptions to it or even do not believe in the benefit of such frameworks at all. In this post, I will suggest a modernized framework that takes into account what today’s companies need to consider and that better fits to today’s business environment. 

AWS Well-Architected Framework Provides Principles for Modern Cloud Architectures

When it comes to cloud, infrastructures, and application development environments, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading companies (besides Microsoft Azure and Alibaba). In order to provide a better guidance for modern architects and developers, AWS has published its own architecture framework with its latest release in November 2017. This post summarizes its key points.

How is the TOGAF 9.2 Framework Impacted by Digital Transformation?

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) has recently published an updated version of its framework. After the last version 9.1 from 2011, the update 9.2 in April 2018 has been the first update in the last seven years. In the context of IT, Digital, and the increased pace of change that we face today, seven years is for sure a long time. I will therefore use todays post to analyze, how TOGAF has actually reacted to the Digital Transformation and how the framework has been impacted by the changes in the last seven years. 

The General Data Protection Regulation is Coming 25th of May

25th of May 2018 is probably one of the most important dates for European companies this year. On this date, the General Data Protection Regulation – short ‘GDPR’ – will be implemented and binding for all European, but also a huge number of non-European companies worldwide. What is that about and what does it have to do with Digital? 

A Simple Example of Why Germany is Not a Leader in Digitalization

Germans love their cash and they love their cars. Let me compare a situation in which both come together: Parking in Germany (a digitally developing country) and in China (a digitally matured country), and let’s discuss together why it is as it is.

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