Safeguarding your digital presence

Password managers are a growing necessity in our digital lives. Today’s humans grapple to keep track of the incredible amount of login information related to their online presence, which grows every day thanks to platform integrations, permissions, and a growing number of social media platforms. This article provides insights on the history of passwords, best practices, and how to better manage your passwords.

5 Tips for Building a Culture of Security Among Remote Employees

In one of nightfall´s previous posts, they highlighted the importance that making security a part of your organizational culture played in keeping your remote workforce secure during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what does that entail? In this post, we’re going to flesh out key steps that security teams and their leadership should take in order to make a strong culture of security a reality within their organizations.

Three Security Best Practices for Managing a Remote Workforce

In response to the threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic, an increasing number of companies are urging employees to work from home. Despite the severity of the disruption caused by COVID-19, employees and even companies may find a silver lining, as remote work can have a number of benefits, including increased employee satisfaction and productivity. This article explains what is important from a security perspective.

Key information security terms to know: Start with the basics

Information security and cloud security terms can be hard to follow — especially with all those acronyms like DLP, SAML, and more. As cloud technology expands and users incorporate more apps and services into their everyday lives, security must be top of mind at all times. Knowledge and education are the best tools everyone can use to prevent data breaches and other security snafus. This article aims at explaining definitions of a few key acronyms in cybersecurity and how they relate to and connect to cloud security.

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