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This website collects personal data to power our site analytics, including:

  • Information about your browser, network, and device
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This information may also include details about your use of this website, including:

  • Clicks
  • Internal links
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The data is stored in a hostinger database, running on a hostinger server (website host). No data is collected that could identify a certain website visitor.


This website uses cookies and similar technologies, which are small files or pieces of text that download to a device when a visitor accesses a website or app. For information about viewing the cookies dropped on your device, visit About the cookies Squarespace uses.


This website uses font files from Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts. To properly display this site to you, servers where the font files are stored may receive personal information about you, including:

  • Information about your browser, network, or device
  • Your IP address

Website Visitor

This website is hosted by Hostinger. Hostinger collects personal data when you visit this website, including:

  • Information about your browser, network and device
  • Web pages you visited prior to coming to this Website
  • Your IP address

Data is analyzed in a de-personalized form.

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If you decide to leave a comment below our blog, you need to enter a name which will be publicly available to all website visitors together with your comment.

If you decide to use the ‘contact us’ option, you need to enter your name and email address. All information that you enter and submit will be sent to a standard Google Mail account.

Comments & Contact Us Form

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