IT Architecture Trends in 2021

Corona has accelerated many digital developments in 2020. The IT architecture trends of 2021 are driven by the direct impact of corona, such as remote working, security concerns, and adapted IT infrastructures, as well as by indirect impacts, such as new digital business models, more available data, and more cloud users. This article provides an overview of my top 10 IT architecture trends for 2021.

The General Data Protection Regulation is Coming 25th of May

25th of May 2018 is probably one of the most important dates for European companies this year. On this date, the General Data Protection Regulation – short ‘GDPR’ – will be implemented and binding for all European, but also a huge number of non-European companies worldwide. What is that about and what does it have to do with Digital? 

A Simple Example of Why Germany is Not a Leader in Digitalization

Germans love their cash and they love their cars. Let me compare a situation in which both come together: Parking in Germany (a digitally developing country) and in China (a digitally matured country), and let’s discuss together why it is as it is.

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