New Enterprise Architecture Terms and Certificates Emerge

Today´s content forms the second of six parts of the series called “Who is still interested in Enterprise Architecture in 2021?”. In this series, I provide my view on the footprint of today´s Enterprise Architecture, the potential death of the role of an Enterprise Architect, the big players, such as TOGAF from The Open Group, …

What is Today´s Relevance of an Enterprise Architecture Practice?

In today´s part one of the series “On the Relevance of Enterprise Architecture in 2021”, I analyze the search term attention for common Enterprise Architecture terms on Google Trends, highlight the origins of today´s most important EA frameworks, TOGAF and Zachman, and share my results on job searches to deduce that Enterprise Architecture might be a dead practice.

Business Capabilities Definition and Example

Today´s IT architectures are organized by business capabilities – especially if a microservices architecture is in place. Typically, the business architecture layer incorporates the business capability model and maps to applications, data, and technology etc. on the other architecture layers. This article gives an introduction to business capabilities, defines it and provides an example.

What is an IT Architect (Enterprise, Solution, Software / Application, Data, Technology, Infrastructure, Security)

In IT Architecture, IT architects do the work. However, an IT architect is not an IT architect and there are important differences when considering this role. This article presents the most important subcategories of IT architects and compares them to each other.

Safeguarding your digital presence

Password managers are a growing necessity in our digital lives. Today’s humans grapple to keep track of the incredible amount of login information related to their online presence, which grows every day thanks to platform integrations, permissions, and a growing number of social media platforms. This article provides insights on the history of passwords, best practices, and how to better manage your passwords.

Why an Enterprise Architecture Community Best Helps Your Organization

With the reawakening of Enterprise Architecture (EA) in the past few years, the community approach towards an Enterprise Architecture community has become popular. This article provides 12 reasons, mostly based on trends, why your organization should consider an Enterprise Architecture Community.

5 Tips for Building a Culture of Security Among Remote Employees

In one of nightfall´s previous posts, they highlighted the importance that making security a part of your organizational culture played in keeping your remote workforce secure during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what does that entail? In this post, we’re going to flesh out key steps that security teams and their leadership should take in order to make a strong culture of security a reality within their organizations.