Zachman in a Nuthsell: Framework and Examples

Working in Enterprise or IT architecture, knowing about the Zachman framework is fundamental. Today´s article provides a summary of the framework, examples, and links to relevant sources. Zachman Framework Relevance Zachman is a metamodel that provides a fundamental structure and classification for your enterprise architecture work. Being a metamodel, it does not describe the process …

How to Understand the Zachman Framework – With Example

As an IT or enterprise architect, there are a few frameworks that you need to know. TOGAF, ArchiMate, and SAFe are a few of those that are already well-known to most practitioners. The Zachman Framework is another one that is less known. Today´s article helps to understand the Zachman Framework and provides an example of …

What is Today´s Relevance of an Enterprise Architecture Practice?

In today´s part one of the series “On the Relevance of Enterprise Architecture in 2021”, I analyze the search term attention for common Enterprise Architecture terms on Google Trends, highlight the origins of today´s most important EA frameworks, TOGAF and Zachman, and share my results on job searches to deduce that Enterprise Architecture might be a dead practice.

Understand the Zachman Framework – An Easy Example

The Zachman Framework dates back to 1987 when John Zachman, an IBM employee until 1982, published the article “A Framework for Information Systems Architecture”. The basic idea of the Zachman framework is that one thing can be described with different purposes and for different roles. This article provides an example to understand the framework better.

How to Apply Enterprise Architecture Frameworks in Today’s Digital Environment? 

I often hear that Enterprise Architecture would be an old-fashioned concept without any relevance to today’s IT architecture of companies. In today’s post, I present major Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and discuss if and how they are still relevant for today’s environment.

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