How to Use the New TOGAF Version 10

TOGAF 10 was recently released and is now available. We take a step back and take a practitioner’s view of doing Enterprise Architecture work in an organization. However, this article differentiates between different TOGAF 10 audiences, and use cases, and considers that there are already ongoing Enterprise Architecture activities within the organization. This article helps …

New TOGAF Developments in 2022

Steve Nunn, the president and CEO of The Open Group, which is the organization publishing TOGAF, recently provided some insights onto what is planned for 2022. It is great to see that his statements further confirm what I presumed in 2020 about the future development of TOGAF. This article summarizes the most important statements, puts …

TOGAF – All you Need to Know

TOGAF is an enterprise architecture framework that includes methods, frameworks, definitions, templates, and explanations for enterprise architects. The content helps architects to assess, analyze, evaluate, transform, and govern large and heterogeneous architectures of not only a project or a platform, but of whole organizations.

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