What is TOGAF 9.2 (all you need to know)

TOGAF stands for “The Open Group Architecture Framework” and is today the most cited and reused knowledge book with detailed methods and tools for developing an enterprise architecture within a company. This post provides all information that you need to know and where to find further information.

This is the Easiest Strategy to Pass the TOGAF Level 2 Exam (OG0-092, OG0-095, OG0-097, OG0-F92, OG0-S92)

As the TOGAF level 2 exam has only 8 questions, answering only a few of them completely wrong will make you fail the exam. However, I think that the level 2 exam is the much easier one if you take the following approach:

What is TOGAF – Everything valuable in 10 minutes

Enterprise architects usually have the same opinion about that question: TOGAF is probably the most important and renown enterprise architecture concept. However, many people without IT or architecture experience hear “TOGAF” for the first time and struggle with understanding the concept as it inhibits quite some different aspects from which not all are very intuitive. Today’s article is for those who want to grasp a high-level understanding of “TOGAF” to understand if it is something that they should know about, can use, and hence should learn more about.

How to Pass the TOGAF Exams – Level 1 and Level 2

There are many reasons why becoming certified in TOGAF makes sense. The two most important ones are probably 1) to get or improve the skills that are needed in an (enterprise) architecture role and 2) to benefit from the positive signaling effect that a certification has on potential employers or customers. In this post, I will provide an overview of the certification exams, a concrete study plan, an overview of all material you need, and what it takes to clear the levels. 

How is the TOGAF 9.2 Framework Impacted by Digital Transformation?

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) has recently published an updated version of its framework. After the last version 9.1 from 2011, the update 9.2 in April 2018 has been the first update in the last seven years. In the context of IT, Digital, and the increased pace of change that we face today, seven years is for sure a long time. I will therefore use todays post to analyze, how TOGAF has actually reacted to the Digital Transformation and how the framework has been impacted by the changes in the last seven years. 

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