Decide Whether to Use a Modular Architecture

Microservices enable architects to build modular architectures that provide superior characteristics in terms of flexibility, adaptability, and scalability compared to monolithic architectures. Yet, there are also disadvantages of microservices, such as a higher complexity, higher integration needs, less efficiencies, duplications, and more required resources. This article illustrates in which situations the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and when not.

How to understand the difference between a microservices and a monolithic architecture

Monolithic and modular architectures based on microservices are two main IT architecture styles. This article describes their architectural difference with an example of a bakery making bread.

What is an IT Architecture Landscape? (As-Is, To-Be, Reference, Blueprint, Layer, Transition, Views, Viewpoints)

If you are new to Enterprise Architecture, you might wonder what is meant with the term “Architecture Landscape” or “Architecture Blueprint”. While strategists and consultants love these terms, software developers and people that are new to the topic often do not know what exactly is meant with them. Let´s define them, their components, and what different types there are.

An Almost Full List of Advantages and Disadvantages of Microservices

Today´s IT development is more and more driving towards faster development cycles, scalable software performance, and flexibility in terms of development and deployment. In order to meet those requirements, developers increasingly prefer microservices architectures. This article analyzes advantages and disadvantages of microservices and concludes in which environments microservices are a good choice.

AWS Well-Architected Framework Provides Principles for Modern Cloud Architectures

When it comes to cloud, infrastructures, and application development environments, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading companies (besides Microsoft Azure and Alibaba). In order to provide a better guidance for modern architects and developers, AWS has published its own architecture framework with its latest release in November 2017. This post summarizes its key points.

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