What Makes TOGAF 10 a Valuable Contribution

TOGAF 10 was recently released. Major changes to the old version include a restructuring of the content to allow for easier understanding, fewer inconsistencies, and fewer duplications. The modularization of the content has progressed as well. There are now six individual documents forming the TOGAF Fundamental content and currently 23 more documents in the TOGAF …

TOGAF 10 is Now Released and Available!

On the 25th of April, 2022, The Open Group released the TOGAF version 10. This is a major milestone not only for The Open Group but for the whole Enterprise Architecture industry and all practitioners. Being the go-to standard for Enterprise Architects, the tenth version of “The Standard” has been desired for a long time. …

New TOGAF Developments in 2022

Steve Nunn, the president and CEO of The Open Group, which is the organization publishing TOGAF, recently provided some insights onto what is planned for 2022. It is great to see that his statements further confirm what I presumed in 2020 about the future development of TOGAF. This article summarizes the most important statements, puts …

What is Today´s Relevance of an Enterprise Architecture Practice?

In today´s part one of the series “On the Relevance of Enterprise Architecture in 2021”, I analyze the search term attention for common Enterprise Architecture terms on Google Trends, highlight the origins of today´s most important EA frameworks, TOGAF and Zachman, and share my results on job searches to deduce that Enterprise Architecture might be a dead practice.

TOGAF 9.3? TOGAF 10? What is the TOGAF Roadmap?

TOGAF´s latest release in 2018, version 9.2 had only minor adaptions since version 9 was released in 2011. On the one hand, this is seeming OK, as it is a minor release and the TOGAF Standard focuses on concepts that do not change rapidly. On the other hand, TOGAF does not seem to keep up the pace with the digital transformation and a lot of TOGAF content seems outdated nowadays. Many people therefore look out for a version 10 of TOGAF or at least a version 9.3 that provides better answers than the minor adaptions done in version 9.2.

TOGAF – All you Need to Know

TOGAF is an enterprise architecture framework that includes methods, frameworks, definitions, templates, and explanations for enterprise architects. The content helps architects to assess, analyze, evaluate, transform, and govern large and heterogeneous architectures of not only a project or a platform, but of whole organizations.

What is TOGAF?

TOGAF is the most important Enterprise Architecture Framework nowadays. It has first been published in 1995 by The Open Group and has regularly been updated since then. Today, The TOGAF Standard is the most cited and used knowledge book with detailed methods and tools for developing enterprise architecture in a company and many, if not most, large global corporations base their enterprise architecture activities on TOGAF or a modification of it. This article explains what TOGAF is about.

Is TOGAF Still Relevant?

TOGAF is by far the most known Enterprise Architecture certificate. As it has already been developed in the 90s, it is often perceived as outdated – especially given the fast developments that there are within IT nowadays. It is only natural that many professionals ask themselves whether TOGAF is still relevant or not. This article explains arguments for and against the relevancy of TOGAF and analyzes the areas content, certification, industry expectations, and salary impact.

How a non-native English speaker can pass TOGAF 9.2 ESL easily

Enterprise Architecture and in especially TOGAF helps to create a meaningful big picture to your organisation. There are multiple reasons you should consider keeping your EA practice from small business to large corporate organisations up to date. First things first – get the basics right by studying and taking the exam. Below you find a brief overview of “How to pass TOGAF 9.2 as non-native English speaker” based on my personal experiences.

What is the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) and How Could it be Improved?

ADM is probably the most important part of TOGAF. It is core to TOGAF and is referred to throughout the TOGAF Standard. The ADM is a method for developing and managing Enterprise Architecture Projects. This article explains all phases and what should be adapted in order to fit today´s organizations.

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