Best EA Articles in November and December 2022

Many websites on the Internet regularly publish articles or webinars around Enterprise Architecture. This is great because a broad understanding of many different topics and viewing them from different perspectives is highly important in Enterprise Architecture. In this article, I want to share my favorite articles that I read in November and December 2022. I hope that you like the selection and come back soon! Let´s get started!

New Magic Quadrant on Enterprise Architecture

Gartner published a new Magic Quadrant view on Enterprise Architecture tools. Although there is criticism about the methodology used, it is still one of the famous rankings for EA tools. There are different ways to download the full report, either via Gartner or via one of the leading tool provider websites. Having a rough overview of the latest EA tool market developments is worth it!

Understanding the Benefits and the Concept of Technology Radars

B.O.C., an Austrian EA tool provider, published a nice article on technology radars. It explains how you would use a technology radar for managing your technologies in an early lifecycle phase. It also explains the different stages of a tech radar, which are typically “hold”, “assess”, “trial”, and “adopt”, and what they imply.

How to Accelerate the Impact of Digital Technology Investions

The Gartner article in this list is about how to accelerate the impact of digital technology investments. The article introduces the concept of “digital dividends”, which are the additional operational improvements coming from digitization efforts. Those could be creating smart products, providing handy apps, or accelerating touchpoints through automation. The article explains four key success factors needed to successfully achieve such “digital dividends”.

Basics of Successfully Doing Application Portfolio Management

The next article is again from B.O.C. and deals with five simple steps of how to do application portfolio management. The content is pretty basic, but everyone working in IT should have an understanding of those basic steps. They cover scoping, defining the criteria, assessing the fitness of the applications, analyzing them using a TIME analysis, and concluding.

Who Owns IT Governance?

The next piece of content is not an article, but a recorded webinar from Dataversity. They provide monthly webinars on data topics and afterward provide them as records on their website. This one is about whether IT or business should own IT Governance. Different advantages and disadvantages for both options are presented, as well as a series of real-life examples are given.

Data Management Best Practices

Another webinar provided by Dataversity talks about data management best practices. It covers different frameworks and provides in a humorous way insights on how to enhance data quality.

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