TOGAF 10 and its Certification

In April 2022, The Open Group released the latest version of the TOGAF standard, which is TOGAF 10. It reflects a major update to the previous version, TOGAF 9.2. Naturally, architects all over the world are waiting for a possibility to get certified in TOGAF 10. When will a certification become available?

There hasnĀ“t been any major announcement regarding the next steps for TOGAF 10 by The Open Group since they published the new Standard. Bloggers and training providers that are waiting for news on a new TOGAF 10 training or certification keep waiting for updates. However, there has been some, rather hidden, new information on The Open Group website!

There definitely will be a Certification for TOGAF 10

On its subpage regarding TOGAF certifications, The Open Group mentions a planned adaption to its certification portfolio. More specifically, information on additions to the certification portfolio to reflect the new TOGAF 10 Standard “will be announced in the coming months.” Moreover, there will be a bridge learning path for TOGAF 9 certified architects, covering the new content in the latest version.

A TOGAF 10 Certification & New Trainings are Coming Soon

What does this mean for individuals with a TOGAF 9 certification? For individuals who plan to get their first TOGAF certification? For individuals with a certification older than version 9?

My impression is that the statement “in the next months” implies the non-existence of a concrete roadmap or a generally low priority of providing updated certification/bridge training content. Normally, you would expect to have the training and certification released at the same time, the new Standard becomes available.

I am also looking forward to the bridge content, as the main differences between TOGAF 9.2 and TOGAF 10 seem to be a general consolidation and the modular reorganization of the content. The main content for the bridge certification might come from the TOGAF guide series, as they are now an official part of the Standard. However, nothing as such has been announced so far. It will be interesting to see to what extent this content will become relevant for the certification.

If you are not yet familiar with the new TOGAF 10 version, make sure to check out how to use TOGAF 10!

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