Achieving a TOGAF Certification Made Easy

The TOGAF certification has two levels, which are “Level 1 Foundation” and the “Level 2 Certified”. There is an option to do both levels in one combined exam and most people do this. The test can be taken in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, or Chinese. The TOGAF certification costs in all languages USD 360 per level if you take them separately or USD 550 if you take the combined exam. The only exception is taking the levels separately in Portuguese in Brazil, which costs only USD 230 (More info here).

What are TOGAF exams…

TOGAF Level 1 Foundation

Level 1 consists of 40 multiple-choice questions from which you must answer 22 correct within 60 minutes to pass. There is only one correct answer and there are no negative points for wrong answers. However, there are also options like “all of the above” or “only a and b” etc. Level 1 questions would typically require knowing specific lists, overviews, illustrations, or terms from the TOGAF Standard. If you learned the content by heart and did some realistic test questions upfront, you will likely pass the exam.

Togaf Level 2 Certified

Level 2 consists of 8 complex and long multiple-choice questions. In contrast to level 1, three of the four answers provide you with five, three, or one point, while only the worst answer is worth zero points. If you achieve 24 out of 40 possible points within 90 minutes, you pass the exam.

Level 2 questions are quite different from level 1 questions. They introduce a company, its business model, the CIO or an enterprise architect, and a business problem to you. Typically, the description fills half a page or even more. However, also the answers provided are much longer and each includes several methods, process steps, etc. This is why there may be one best answer, but not only one correct answer. Although you have more time for level 2, be aware that most people I know had more time pressure during the level 2 exam as well. However, using this simple trick will help you pass the TOGAF exam level 2 easily.

If you are interested in Marcus´ or my experience in passing the exams and our study recommendations, take a look at our two reports here:

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TOGAF exam questions…

If you are interested in TOGAF test exam questions, take a look at these resources:

1. A large amount of good test questions
2. Additional test exam
3. Official test question pack for level 1 to be purchased from TOGAF website (normal price 0.99$, free for members!)
4. Official test question pack for level 2 to be purchased from TOGAF website (for a price of 0.99$)

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