The Most Valuable IT Certifications in 2019 Come From Amazon AWS

It is amazing to see how Amazon’s certification program for its AWS cloud has established itself within the IT certification landscape. In 2019, AWS certifications have gained such a global popularity that exams can be taken now in four different languages (English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Mandarin), the number of searches for keywords such as “AWS certification” or “certified cloud practitioner” have never been higher, and AWS certifications have become resume highlights for employers. It is only natural that, with 15 to 30 percent above the average, AWS certifications were ranked the highest-paying certifications in the US in the recent past by As if that was not enough, there are a couple of more reasons for getting an AWS certificate:

  1. Cloud technology has matured and all kinds of companies need large numbers of certified professionals for their largely grown cloud landscapes. As a consequence, the demand on the market for AWS certified individuals is currently surpassing the supply of well-qualified employees.

  2. AWS cloud expertise is not only relevant to IT experts, but also for employees in business Departments. Business partners and roles that require IT and a profound business knowledge at the same time are steadily increasing. As a cloud is primarily an IT topic, there is no to little business knowledge about how to use, manage, and create value from an AWS cloud landscape. This is exactly why many companies are literally delighted when they encounter a business applicant with AWS expertise.

  3. Today, AWS is the most prominent cloud service provider and companies are looking for proven and matured cloud frameworks and environments. As AWS can deliver, many companies have started to develop and implement their own cloud landscapes based on AWS technology onsite. The result is a sharp increase of demanded knowledge and expertise in that field!

Those arguments shed light on it: Doing an AWS certificate in 2019 is totally worth it! If you are now interested in understanding if a certificate is something for you and if you want to find out which out of the different certifications provided is right for you, take a look at the trainings and certification paths overview!

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